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Research services

Clients have commissioned us to produce a wide range of research and develop leading research tools at the intersection of finance, sustainability, technology and data. Leveraging traditional research techniques, machine learning, data science and knowledge engineering we can take your research capabilities to a new level.

Revolutionise your research processes with the latest Large Language Models (LLMs) and other machine learning techniques
Turn the deluge of disclosure volumes into an edge in your investment process by using the latest search and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies
Reduce research costs through automation and leveraging best practice Knowledge Management techniques
Research services
Research services

Service features

Assessment, company research & benchmarking systems

The role of research in synthesising the sea of financial and sustainability disclosures, news, academic research and other sources has never been more important. However with data and disclosure volumes growing exponentially conducting assessment exercises for constructing original research notes, market reports, benchmarks, indices and other tools can be challenging. Automate your own research and assessment methodologies using our AI, Natural Language Processing and other capabilities to dramatically reduce cost, increase research breadth and quality and also generate novel and impactful research theses.

Bespoke database development & data acquisition

If you have an idea for a novel dataset or database we can turn it into reality for both standalone analysis tools and full stack software applications with rich user interfaces and data visualisations. Using best practice data modelling & database engineering approaches we develop end to end processes for acquiring data through techniques such as webscraping, Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models. Our Data Engineers are experts at developing efficient ETL pipelines and using the latest matching algoritmns for standardising data. We work with all mainstream and emerging database technologies including relational database, NoSQL, Graph Databases and Vector Databases.

Bespoke ESG research & analysis

Hone in on a particular ESG theme, material issue, company or sector leveraging the latest AI, Natural Language and Knowledge Graph capabilities. We've co-authored data intensive sustainability reports on a number of issues including deforestation, human rights, ocean plastics, stranded assets, water scarcity and other thematics. Combining both traditional research and Big Data techniques we can help you create high quality, rich and impactful research papers, survey analysis and datasets.

ESG news & disclosure mining

Ever changing guidance and regulations such as CSRD, TCFD, TNFD, CDP, ISSB and others are leading to a deluge of disclosures for which most ESG teams are insufficiently resourced. Similarly News flow is one of the most material yet under used data sources in ESG investing due to challenges of noise, volume and veracity. Using cutting edge AI, Large Language Models (LLMs) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) we can help you truly integrate news and disclosures at scale into your company research processes and distinguish material facts from immaterial content.

Knowledge management

Working with a wide variety of unstructured research notes, ratings, corporate disclosures, academic research, market reports, guidance, standards, regulations and other content can be overwhelming. With content typically scattered across shared drives, cloud storage and other locations an inordinate amount of time can be wasted just searching for relevant content let alone analysing it. Fortunately we are experts at leveraging the latest knowledge management approaches such as automated tagging, semantic search, knowledge extraction and topic modelling to help you turn your content into a corporate asset.

Materiality analysis

Research shows ESG factors can influence a company's financial performance and long-term sustainability. Materiality analysis is crucial role in determining which factors are most relevant to a company or industry. ESG issues are often specific to an individual company necessitating the full context available from using a wide variety of data sources including news, academic research, regulatory frameworks and others.


Our solutions serve a range of industries that require a comprehensive understanding of the ESG risks and opportunities obscured by complex supply chains, ownership structures and a fast changing regulatory environment.


Our multidisciplinary teams leverage a wide range of data approaches to deliver cutting edge, highly contextual solutions serving customers across a range of industries.

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