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ESG data management

Managing ESG data consistently at scale necessitates working with different technologies, data types, standards, coverage levels, licencing and compliance obligations. We can help you build a best in class sustainable Data Management capability.

Benefit from our deep sector expertise and knowledge of vendor products to manage and select the best data vendors and datasets for you ESG framework
Leverage leading Data Management approaches in the development and maintenance of internal ESG Scores & ratings Leverage leading Data Management approaches in the development and maintenance of internal ESG Scores & ratings
Utilise best in class tools and techniques for overcoming data quality and coverage issues
ESG data management
ESG data management

Service features

Data acquisition, vendor management & licencing

Selecting the best ESG data sources and vendors can be a challenge with data quality, pricing, licencing restrictions, coverage and open source alternatives often difficult to understand. We are fluent in the business models of all mainstream data vendors and experts at conducting objective vendor selection exercises and integration projects in order to onboard new sources for rapid analysis and decision making. We also maintain an extensive Data Catalogue of leading ESG data sources across all thematics enabling you to supercharge your ESG approach with a comprehensive data landscape.

Data standards adoption

Leading ESG frameworks, taxonomies and regulations such as TNFD, SFDR, CSRD, ISSB, SBTN, TCFD reference thousands of different datapoints for measurement, monitoring and disclosure. Many are similar, overlapping, poorly defined, difficult to source and require extensive validation and data wrangling - this inevitably makes it challenging to identify authoritative internal and external sources and consolidate the data necessary for analysis and reporting. Fortunately we have a variety of tools and capabilities to help you achieve a single version of the truth for identifying ESG data sources using the latest Data Architecture, Data Cataloguing and Metadata Management approaches.

ESG data quality management

ESG data can be notoriously difficult to manage due to the wide variety of standards, providers, methodologies and sources in play. Rarely does a single vendor provide full coverage nor guaranteed quality necessitating the use of proxy data, estimates and transformation rules. We can help you implement best in class Data Quality Management (DQM) techniques for your ESG data including data quality algorithms, dashboards, monitoring and cleansing tools to turn your ESG data into a true corporate asset and competitive advantage.

ESG score & rating development

Ratings and scoring are often used for ranking companies against peers within a sector, benchmark or other cohort yet rarely are Investment Managers and Researchers able to rely purely on third party ratings. Particularly for idiosyncratic screening or niche ESG thematics there is often a requirement to develop in house methodologies and it is important that these methodologies are scalable, repeatable, free from bias and most importantly defensible. Using AI tools and a wide range of data sources we develop bespoke ESG score and rating frameworks and methodologies unique to your approach.


Our solutions serve a range of industries that require a comprehensive understanding of the ESG risks and opportunities obscured by complex supply chains, ownership structures and a fast changing regulatory environment.


Our multidisciplinary teams leverage a wide range of data approaches to deliver cutting edge, highly contextual solutions serving customers across a range of industries.

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