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The maritime sector is rapidly changing with digital technologies, remote sensing capabilities, sustainability requirements and initiatives fast emerging. A pathway has been set by the IMO and leading shipping organisations for rapid decarbonisation necessitating innovation in fuels, journey planning, ship design and operation. To align with a low carbon and nature positive future ship owners, charterers, brokers and shipping financiers need new datasets, software and technologies to identify ESG risks and capitalise on opportunities. Leveraging the latest software development best practices, machine learning, remote sensing and Big Data techniques we help maritime organisations reduce cost, improve efficiency, develop new analytical capabilities and to understand and manage their sustainability footprints. Our close partnership with Baltic Exchange developing a world-leading index management, assessment and analysis technology platform puts us in a unique position to leverage industry intelligence to help industry participants tap into new emerging forms of green finance. This includes developing datasets and monitoring capabilities to facilitate green financing for ship retrofitting, construction and operation via new forms of green finance such as Green Bonds, Blue Bonds, Sustainability Linked Bonds (SLBs) and Sustainability Linked Loans (SLLs). For maritime investors we are able to produce custom analysis, research, datasets and tools for gaining exposure to the most sustainable companies in the maritime space.

Reduce emissions and improve sustainability through the latest voyage optimisation and environmental data and software
Conduct comprehensive ESG due diligence on counterparties using news, Remote Sensing, controversy, blacklist and other data sources
Enhance regulatory compliance and produce best-in-class sustainability disclosures aligned to TNFD, ISSB, GRI and other standards

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