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Asset owners

We possess extensive experience in helping Asset Owners to integrate ESG into their engagements, screening, risk management, manager selection, monitoring and asset allocation. Achieving true Active Ownership and ESG Integration throughout direct and indirect investments is necessarily a data intensive exercise and for the last 7 years Neural Alpha's unique approach and experience has enabled dozens of Asset Owners to benefit from the latest research and capabilities in machine learning, unstructured data, network analysis and semantic technology. Whether you have an ambitious plan to use technology to revolutionise your approach to ESG or a more specific idea for a custom dataset or bespoke software tool we can help.

Enhance ESG investment decisions using advanced data and software solutions to access comprehensive ESG data from diverse & difficult to process sources including news, company disclosures, physical assets and systemic dependencies, risks and impacts.
Implement best-in-class manager selection, monitoring and management processes using cutting edge ESG data & software approaches
Supercharge your ESG risk management and monitoring processes using the latest AI tools and automation
Asset owners
Asset owners

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