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Insurers are increasingly recognising the financial risks posed by climate change and nature loss and are taking various measures to manage exposure within Risk Assessment and Underwriting, Catastrophe Modeling, Risk Mitigation and Adaptation, engagement, disclosures and portfolio diversification. This is necessarily a data intensive exercise relying on the most comprehensive and best available climate, nature and biodiversity data. Managing this data at scale however can be challenging in terms of managing a wide range of providers, sources, licences, quality levels, granularity and data types. Our consultancy services and technology solutions enable insurers to leverage unstructured and structured data across thousands of different data types, indicators and standards to see the full picture when analysing issues such as water stress / scarcity, land degradation, pollution and emissions. If you are a insurer looking to leverage the latest data, research and capabilities in machine learning, unstructured data, network analysis and semantic technology for ESG we can help.

Enhance Underwriting and Risk Assessment processes using the latest advanced data and ESG software solutions
Reduce ESG data costs through leveraging open source data and lower cost alternatives
Improve regulatory compliance through the latest reporting and disclosure methods

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