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Not for profit

Our decades of experience working in the financial services industry has enabled us to understand where opportunities exist for open data platforms, research, data initiatives, standards and datasets to catalyse positive action. Working closely with the world's leading philanthropies and NGOs over the last 7 years we have delivered a number of cutting edge datasets, research projects and open data platforms in order to help address market failure, extend time horizons for analysing ESG issues and build capacity. Our solutions for Not For Profit organisations leverage the latest technology and research techniques such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Network analysis and Big Data to enable groups to maximise reach and impact. They enable organisations to understand how complex systems such as global supply chains and opaque corporate ownership structures perpetuate ESG risks and issues. Whether you are interested in a bespoke software platform, developing an assessment methodology for a new ESG issue, developing a dataset or any other research and data intensive ESG requirement we can help.

Deliver high impact, open data platforms to address market failures and provide vital tools for addressing emerging ESG issues
Infuse research with the latest ESG data, software and AI to reduce costs and enhance insights
Create unique datasets blending spatial, supply chain, ownership and other datasets to drive genuine impact
Not for profit
Not for profit

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