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Portfolio management & alignment services

Constructing and managing portfolios is becoming more and more challenging as new risks, opportunities, regulations and datasets emerge. We can help you leverage the latest cutting edge screening, construction and rebalancing techniques in your portfolios.

Utilise cutting edge screening tools and techniques to turn the sea of ESG data into an asset for your organisation
Construct portfolios using multidimensional and contextual data to align to ESG thematics, values and principles
Align portfolios with fund labelling standards and tilt towards and away from ESG risks, factors and thematics
Portfolio management & alignment services
Portfolio management & alignment services

Service features

Custom screening tools

As regulations such as SFDR develop and expectations for ever more sophisticated screening approaches grow leverage the latest data and technology to employ comprehensive, scalable and repeatable screening techniques in your portfolio. Our screening tools go beyond simple controversy / ESG scores and industry involvement data to screen connected companies, shareholdings, directors, supply chains, materials, news, policies, materiality and many other types of data. Our screening techniques use cutting edge AI and network analysis to provide deep but most importantly context rich analysis.

Portfolio tilting & alignment

Within a defined investment universe using taxonomy alignment, best-in-class and more abstract values based and thematic techniques we can help tilt portfolios towards and away from particular ESG factors. For example if you wish to tilt more towards clean tech companies, low deforestation risk or high performers on water usage our Knowledge Graph powered approach provides the necessary attributes and context to intuitively achieve this at scale. We are proud of our unique capabilities in this space for turning more abstract concepts and indirect ESG factors buried in supply chains, shareholdings and other exposure pathways into demonstrable portfolio adjustments.

Universe & Portfolio Construction

Product structurers and investment managers increasingly seek to construct thematic, values based investment universes tilted towards or away from a wide variety of ESG factors. This requires an extensive amount of data, advanced methodologies, notions of materiality and dynamic capabilities to flex as ESG factors emerge and change. Knowledge Graphs present unique opportunities for constructing context rich and dynamic investment universes to power cutting edge strategies. Whether you wish to create a low deforestation, clean tech or nature positive universe using the latest data and technology we can help.

Portfolio Screening

Screening can be an error prone and intensive exercise necessitating extensive data, internal team resource, time and expense. Clients trust us to screen their portfolios for a wide range of ESG risks, dependencies and impacts using cutting edge AI and network analysis to identify hidden risks and weight results based on materiality and other factors. Our solutions are well proven and make extensive use of network analysis to and an unprecedented range of data sources including connected companies, shareholdings, directors, supply chains, materials, news, policies, disclosures and many other types of data.


Our solutions serve a range of industries that require a comprehensive understanding of the ESG risks and opportunities obscured by complex supply chains, ownership structures and a fast changing regulatory environment.


Our multidisciplinary teams leverage a wide range of data approaches to deliver cutting edge, highly contextual solutions serving customers across a range of industries.

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