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Software development

We embrace software development best practices to develop highly performant, scalable and impactful applications for our clients. We cover all areas of the stack including front end development, data visualisation, data engineering, back end development, database development, testing, user experience and other areas. We leverage the latest best practice techniques, cutting edge data processing technologies and open source frameworks to deliver outstanding data pipelines, databases and APIs. This enables us to integrate raw, disparate financial and sustainability data into rich applications for screening, risk management, portfolio construction and a wide range of other requirements. We've won awards, Innovation grant funding and participated in leading green accelerators - we're proud of our status as a recognised thought leader and innovator in the field of sustainable fintech.

Achieve cost savings via tightly scoped development projects with clear outcomes, budgets and Return on Investment
Benefit from the latest software engineering best practices to maximise reliability and performance whilst minimising cost and complexity
Leverage Neural Alpha's cutting edge Research and Development into Connected Data technologies and Machine Learning
Software development

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