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Downstream corporates

The expertise we have developed screening financial portfolios for direct and indirect sustainability and wider ESG risks over the last 7 years has enabled us to build an enviable track record and capability for wider supply chain screening, monitoring and engagement for corporates. We have performed a number of end to end supply chain screening exercises from field to fork leveraging a wide variety of difficult to acquire and process unstructured and structured data sets. Whether you are an FMCG, Automotive, Healthcare and Pharma, Retail, Fashion, Cosmetics company or in any other sector with a complex supply chain sustainability risks we can help. Comprehensive supply chain screening and monitoring is necessarily a data intensive exercise requiring expert analysis of news, disclosures, supply chain data and knowledge of materials and production methods. If you have an existing supply chain sustainability management process or platform you wish to improve or you are looking for a unique solution leveraging the latest machine learning, search and network analysis technologies we can help.

Screen your indirect risks, impacts and dependencies using the latest supply chain screening techniques
Reduce disclosure costs and comply with TNFD and other regulations using the latest ESG metrics and software
Benefit from custom ESG data and software solutions for measuring and managing your sustainability risks, impacts, dependencies and opportunities
Downstream corporates
Downstream corporates

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