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Due diligence & risk management

Leverage an array of conventional and sustainability centric datasets within a rich, connected technology landscape to perform best in class due diligence and risk management on both public and private companies, subsidiaries, supply chains and products.

Benefit from highly automated integration techniques for analysing news, controversy, geospatial, physical asset, company structure, governance and many other datasets
Comply with the plethora of emerging supply chain and sourcing due diligence requirements
Leverage data intensive and best in class risk management techniques for modelling and mitigating ESG risk factors in your risk monitoring and valuation processes Leverage data intensive and best in class risk management techniques for modelling and mitigating ESG risk factors in your risk monitoring and valuation processes
Due diligence & risk management
Due diligence & risk management

Service features

KYC & AML compliance

Nature and environmental crime risks are growing for corporates and financial institutions who do not fully understand their risks, dependencies and impacts on natural capital. We help Banks and other financial institutions implement software tools, data and other solutions to integrate ESG considerations into existing KYC & AML processes.

Materiality analysis

Research shows ESG factors can influence a company's financial performance and long-term sustainability. Materiality analysis is crucial role in determining which factors are most relevant to a company or industry. ESG issues are often specific to an individual company necessitating the full context available from using a wide variety of data sources including news, academic research, regulatory frameworks and others.

ESG news & disclosure mining

Ever changing guidance and regulations such as CSRD, TCFD, TNFD, CDP, ISSB and others are leading to a deluge of disclosures for which most ESG teams are insufficiently resourced. Similarly News flow is one of the most material yet under used data sources in ESG investing due to challenges of noise, volume and veracity. Using cutting edge AI, Large Language Models (LLMs) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) we can help you truly integrate news and disclosures at scale into your company research processes and distinguish material facts from immaterial content.

Supply chain due diligence

Supply chains are often avoided in traditional ESG analysis as data is typically sensitive, difficult to source and model and expensive. Combined with a need to deal with further complexities such as indirect suppliers and complex ownership structures it is unsurprising it is largely ignored in many ESG frameworks. However a company is only as strong as its supply chain and recent geopolitical instability and emerging regulations such as CSRD and EUDR have highlighted the importance for investors and lenders to understand supply chain exposure. Using cutting edge AI, network analysis and proababilistic modelling we can help you integrate supply chain data into your ESG approach.

Valuation models

ESG Integration increasingly features in company valuation approaches such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) models, Comparable Company Analysis (CCA) and other approaches. We can supercharge company valuation approaches with unique ESG datasets, modelling and simulation tools in order to help you model emerging risks, opportunities and dependencies to give you an edge in your investment and risk management.


Our solutions serve a range of industries that require a comprehensive understanding of the ESG risks and opportunities obscured by complex supply chains, ownership structures and a fast changing regulatory environment.


Our multidisciplinary teams leverage a wide range of data approaches to deliver cutting edge, highly contextual solutions serving customers across a range of industries.

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