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Data management

Modern ESG Integration and ESG frameworks require huge volumes of disparate data which must be catalogued and integrated across a wide range of sources and commercial data providers. Data management refers to the processes and practices involved in organizing, storing, and maintaining data throughout its lifecycle. It encompasses activities such as data governance, data quality management, data integration, data security, and data privacy. The goal of data management is to ensure data is accurate, accessible, secure, and available for analysis and decision-making purposes. We take great pride in the solutions we have developed enabling customers to leverage best practice ESG Data Management techniques to lower cost, improve quality and enable new analytical capabilities. We've spent decades working on complex Enterprise Data Management, Data Architecture and Data Modelling requirements for Asset Managers, Banks and other organisations. We are recognised thought leaders in managing ESG data sourcing and data processing requirements pipelines using a wide range of matching algorithms, profiling and analysis techniques to develop internal ratings, ESG scores, tilts and other data capabilities. We've won awards, Innovation grant funding and participated in leading green accelerators - we're proud of our status as a recognised thought leader and innovator in the field of sustainable fintech.

Benefit from our deep sector expertise and knowledge of vendor products to manage and select the best data vendors and datasets for you ESG framework
Leverage leading Data Management approaches in the development and maintenance of internal ESG Scores & ratings
Utilise best in class tools and techniques for overcoming data quality and coverage issues
Data management

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