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Data strategy

Modern ESG Integration and ESG frameworks require huge volumes of data, new analytical capabilities and expert change management and Data Governance in order to achieve a Data Strategy that works. We work with leading financial institutions and others to help scale their unique ESG approaches using proven patterns, technologies and processes to create world class Data Strategies. Creating a best-in-class ESG Data Strategy encompasses people, process and technology. Our consultants work closely with internal stakeholders to design world leading platforms, Target Operating Models and other strategy components to help you turn ESG data into a true corporate asset. Best-in-class ESG Data capabilities now encompass a broad range of data types including disclosures, assessments, legal entity, supply chain, ratings, controversies, physical assets, news, geospatial, fundamentals and many more. To get the most from this data requires leveraging technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Large Language Models (LLMs) and many other Big Data techniques. We've spent decades developing world leading Data Strategies for Asset Managers, Banks and other organisations and are recognised thought leaders in ESG Data.

Be data ready for TNFD, TCFD, SFDR and other fast developing regulations and standards
Ensure your ESG Data Architecture is scalable and your processes are ready for the deluge of impending disclosure volumes and requirements
Supercharge your ESG framework with the latest generation ESG datasets and techniques
Data strategy

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