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ESG data strategy & frameworks

Modern ESG Frameworks are data intensive and necessitate robust and scalable data strategies to ensure ESG data is timely, fit for purpose, cost effective and can be processed and analysed using the latest tools and techniques.

Be data ready for TNFD, TCFD, SFDR and other emerging regulations and standards
Ensure your ESG Data Architecture is scalable and your processes are ready for the deluge of impending disclosure volumes and requirements
Supercharge your ESG framework with the latest generation ESG datasets and techniques
ESG data strategy & frameworks
ESG data strategy & frameworks

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ESG data & systems integration

There are more ESG data providers than ever resulting in a wide range of quality levels, standards and coverage. Leaders in the ESG space employ sophisticated matching, proxy modelling, standardisation and integration techniques to ensure ESG data is decision grade and available throughout their technology and reporting landscape. We can help reduce cost and increase efficiency by helping you to become a leader in matching, API & ETL development, database engineering and front end tool development.

ESG integration

True ESG Integration requires a holistic mindset and comprehensive data and tools in order to integrate ESG into every aspect of your investment process. We specialise in making the data and technology part of this transformation as simple and low cost to achieve as possible through industry leading screening and exclusion, ESG score and rating, selection, universe construction, portfolio and risk management approaches.

ESG methodology consultancy

Systematically assessing ESG factors requires robust, credible and repeatable methodologies with clear guidance, efficient data collection methods and tools, clearly defined rules and weighting mechanisms and decision grade outputs. Its also incredibly important that methdologies are auditable, science based and flexible enough for iterative improvement. We can help with developing assessment methodologies which leverage the latest research in AI, materiality, Large Language Models (LLMs) and other hard to process datasources.

ESG policy development & monitoring

Drafting and committing to policies on particular ESG issues is rarely as simple as simply making a statement. In the age of elevated greenwashing and litigation risks policy compliance needs to be evidenced with data and disclosures, monitorable on an ongoing basis and auditable. Similar to how traditional risk management and alerts work asset managers and banks are increasingly implementing automated, real-time monitoring of policy compliance for a range of issues. If you are interested in employing the latest controversy alerts, news screening and disclosure monitoring techniques for implementing credible policies we can help.

Green product structuring data services

Structuring innovative sustainable finance products such as green bonds, sustainability linked loans, green indices and ETFs is becoming increasingly data intensive. Investors and borrowers are also increasingly demanding credible, auditable and transparent methodologies and datasets which can be refreshed regularly for ongoing monitoring and compliance. We specialise in developing unique ESG datasets and monitoring capabilities through rapid tool prototyping. This enables lenders and investors to trial a new product, understand risks and cost profiles prior to launch and to refine sustainability characteristics.

TCFD consultancy

We help financial institutions align with climate-related reporting standards and integrate climate risk into their operations. Leveraging cutting-edge technological solutions, we help clients identify climate-related risks and opportunities across their portfolios. By conducting thorough data analysis and stress testing, we assess potential financial impacts and vulnerabilities arising from climate change. We also advise on best practices for climate-related disclosures, ensuring compliance with TCFD and ISSB recommendations and enhancing transparency for stakeholders.

TNFD consultancy

TNFD is an ambitious framework necessitating mature data capabilities and best-in-class ESG data literacy in order to fully embrace and implement. It requires expert handling of a wide variety of data types, indicators and metrics to fully understand potential risks, impacts, dependencies and opportunities. Fortunately TNFD was made for ESG Knowledge Graphs and our capabilities in seamlessly analysing ESG indicators, supply chains, spatial, news, physical assets, materiality and other context rich data to establish dependency pathways is second to none. We are recognised as a data and technology thought leader in the nature-finance nexus and excited to help clients become TNFD leaders.


Our solutions serve a range of industries that require a comprehensive understanding of the ESG risks and opportunities obscured by complex supply chains, ownership structures and a fast changing regulatory environment.


Our multidisciplinary teams leverage a wide range of data approaches to deliver cutting edge, highly contextual solutions serving customers across a range of industries.

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